What Our Clients Have To Say About This Program

“Awesome CRM And Marketing Automation Platform That Gets REAL Results For Our Growing Business”

"Infusionsoft has truly changed everything about our marketing. Our campaign workflows have been dramatically simplified for both myself and our inside sales person, and we now have the ability to scale our campaigns to deliver REAL RESULTS and SALES. The strategy, design and functionality that is built into the the RR campaigns in Infusionsoft demonstrates Robin’s team’s mastery of Infusionsoft.

Robin’s Infusionsoft team was an extremely helpful, awesome and amazing resource during the process of training and implementing Infusionsoft for Computerease. All within one month, we had hired an inside sales person, started using Infusionsoft, sent out 400 aspirin campaigns, held a cybersecurity webinar, and started using a dialer. Needless to say, there was a lot going on! They helped guide me through our very crazy time of implementation so that we are now well on our way to be up and running with Infusionsoft.

Thanks to Robin’s Infusionsoft team, we have an awesome CRM and marketing automation platform, and our marketing efforts have become much more SIMPLE!”

Larissa Finley Marketing Manager, Computerease

“Hands Down, I Wouldn’t Recommend Any Other CRM!”

“We tried other CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics which we get access to as a partner, and so know firsthand that CRMs are “application beasts” that are hard to figure out, require loads of customization, and are near impossible to utilize to their potential due to their complexity. Using the Robin-ized version of Infusionsoft has “tamed the beast” and made it simply another application we use every single day in our marketing efforts. We went from, “I am not sure that can happen” to “well, of course you can do that in Infusionsoft! Just a few clicks, and done!” Easy! There is no other way to go. If you want to have a TRUE CRM, that works like a “beast” without you needing to put the blood, sweat and tears into “taming the beast”, then you have to use the Robinized version of Infusionsoft. Hands down, I wouldn’t recommend any other CRM!”

David Groot President, Windstar Technologies, Inc.

“Save Yourself The Wasted Time And Energy Of Doing Infusionsoft On Your Own, And Sign Up With Robin TODAY!”

“I had actually had Infusionsoft on my own for over two years and went through numerous developers and consultants that claimed that knew my business and how campaigns should work inside infusionsoft, but they had NO CLUE! I was spending way too much time, money and sanity to try and do Infusionsoft without Robin. I even thought I had a breakthrough when a new member of my marketing team told me he had used infusionsoft and was familiar with it, and we became experts at building incredibly complicated campaigns. But I was wasting WAY too much time implementing these complicated, time consuming campaigns that didn't yield any results. I was very frustrated.

During a recent Technology Marketing Toolkit event, I had a chance to speak to Robin’s team about Infusionsoft, where they took the time to explain to me the differences between what I was doing on my own and how Robin has the campaigns setup in infusionsoft. I immediately recognized that THIS WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. If you are running a business, your time must be used wisely, and you should not be building campaigns in infusionsoft. Save yourself the wasted time and energy of doing Infusionsoft on your own, and sign up with Robin TODAY! It is like night and day, and you will not regret it.”

Walter Conteras Motiva

“Nothing Has The Abilities Infusionsoft Does!”

“We were clunking along using Excel and our PSA software to try to track calls made, appointments set and sat, etc. The PSA tools just don’t have the ability to segment my list, nor create automated if/then logic in marketing campaigns like Infusionsoft does!”

Fred Sagester Sagester Associates

“Robin’s Team Has Been Invaluable!”

“The pre-loaded/automated campaigns have allowed us to jump right into Infusionsoft. Having Robin’s Team as a dedicated resource that understands the campaigns and our business has been invaluable too!”

Lisa Shorr Secure Future Tech

“This Would Easily Cost Us Over $10,000 To Build Out On Our Own!”

“The offer Robin provides is a freakin steal – what you are getting would easily cost us over $10,000 to build out on our own! Robin uses Infusionsoft and recommends I do as well, so I won’t give it another thought until she suggests otherwise!”

Ryan Markel Take Ctrl

“This Will Save You Time And Money”

“Infusionsoft is a big complex product, and while it is very powerful, I do not suggest that anyone try to do this on their own. Using Robin’s Done For You program will save you time and money, and you seriously shortcut your time to getting started.”

Ahsun Saleem SimpleGrid Technology

“I Am Telling You To Just DO IT!”

“If you’re on the fence at all about Robin’s Infusionsoft, I am telling you to just DO IT! You don’t realize how much time you have been wasting doing things manually and how much you have not been tracking until you get Infusionsoft. A simple webinar used to take hours to prep, promote, segment based on attendance, follow up, and more. Now it just takes a few minutes for me in Infusionsoft, and if you get stuck, you have help from Team Robin.”

Mark Shehan Pioneering Programmers

“Infusionsoft Is Definitely The Way To Go”

“We use Infusionsoft and LOVE IT! Everything marketing goes through Infusionsoft. As an owner, I love the visibility down to my team and our clients and am thrilled with the serious time savings. Infusionsoft is definitely the way to go.”

Al Alper Absolute Logic

“This Is By Far The BEST Solution Out There!”

“Before Infusionsoft, we were struggling to keep our database and leads somewhat organized by using spreadsheets, Outlook, our PSA tool, and handwritten notes. I guess it somewhat worked, but it was a nightmare to manage! Now that we’re using Robin’s Infusionsoft, I can very QUICKLY and EASILY slice and dice my contacts to send out campaigns. This is by far the BEST solution out there!”

Michael Millhouse BridgePoint Technologies, LLC