What Our Clients Have To Say About This Program

I Am Generating Twice The Marketing With 1/2 The Effort!

"I recently made the scary transition from employee to owner and enrolled in the Toolkit right away. At first, I was trying to do everything without a CRM. I was only using a spreadsheet, doing it all myself and finding that managing the marketing, stuffing envelopes, making the follow up calls, meeting with clients, and then servicing the clients without a good process in place is DIFFICULT! Even though it was hard, things actually started to gain momentum; and then COVID hit.

Instead of taking this time to figure out how to 'wing it,' I decided to double down on my marketing and sign up for Accelerators Club and Robin’s MAP Infusionsoft. After just a few, short months, I have found that I can now, as a single-person shop, generate twice the marketing with 1/2 of the effort by using MAP Infusionsoft and the strategies taught in Accelerators Club.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you sign up for these two programs! Yes, it is a time and money investment, but I have already covered that cost in new sales that I wouldn’t have gotten without these two memberships. Sign up RIGHT NOW rather than having to unlearn bad marketing habits and processes."

Mikol Westling Maui Tech Solutions, LLC

5 Leads, 3 New Customers And £29,440 – All From 5 MINUTES Of Work!

"I started off with just two, simple email campaigns (the 9-Word E-mail and the Cross-Sell Campaign). From 221 e-mails sent to prospects and clients – which took me all of FIVE MINUTES in our Infusionsoft CRM – we gained five leads, three new customers, £4,500 of hardware sales, a £1,000 mini-project and £1,995 in MRR (12-month total value of £29,440). That’s a complete transformation of our business in the time it takes to eat proper fish and chips!"

Mark Cronin MSC IT Solutions Ltd

Jay Hill

MAP Made Me $16,344 In Two Weeks

“I started out by only putting a handful of my clients into an automated campaign, and in just two weeks, the sales from this campaign are already at $2,125 in hardware and $16,344 in NEW annual recurring revenue. I can’t wait to get the rest of my clients into this campaign! Robin’s MAP has completely changed my mindset of how I run my business for the better!”

Jay Hill Network Providers, Inc.

Marie Josee Galarneau

This is THE BEST CRM Ever!

"Before Robin, we had no marketing structure or processes in place. Our campaigns got poor results because they were improvised and based on what we thought might work. We quickly realized that we needed to organize our marketing so we joined her MAP Infusionsoft program. Infusionsoft is the BEST CRM ever! It helps us to save time and get MORE marketing done. All of the marketing is automated, and it helps us launch several campaigns at once with fewer staff and resources. We could not have gotten the marketing results we have (generated 100 leads in less than 1 year, added $820 in revenue in 30 days!) without Robin and her MAP Infusionsoft.”

Marie-Josée Galarneau ARS Solutions

Terrence Boylan

Do NOT Do Automation With Anyone Else But Robin’s Team

"The Technology Marketing Toolkit MAP Infusionsoft team and program rocks! Seriously. I had been in talks with a consultant to help build out ONE Infusionsoft campaign for me, and it was going to be a minimum commitment of $2,500 just for his end of it, PLUS all the software licensing, copywriting, etc. With Robin’s MAP Infusionsoft, you get 15+ fully built campaigns RIGHT OFF THE BAT for WAY less of an investment! Plus, with Technology Marketing Toolkit, I get to be a part of a great community and have input to new campaigns they design for us. If you are an MSP, do NOT do your marketing automation with anyone else but Technology Marketing Toolkit’s MAP. It’s an absolute no-brainer."

Terrence Boylan PacketLogix Inc.

Roger Partovi

Effective Marketing For A Small Company Like Mine Is Possible Using MAP

"Until recently, my business had grown by word of mouth and referrals. I had never done marketing or advertising before, and coming from an engineering background, I was not good with it. I was still a one-man shop and had to do everything myself, so marketing never got done. I barely even had a list!

Since partnering with Robin and getting her MAP Infusionsoft, I can now see what marketing can do for my business and know that I CAN do this AND still run my business. The Technology Marketing Toolkit team is great to work with and they are there for me when I need it and patient with me as I learn. Knowing the support is there when I need it boosts my energy and encourages me to use all my energy in becoming successful. I love the MAP Infusionsoft program and can finally believe that effective marketing for a small company like mine is possible using MAP. We see the results!"

Roger Partovi IT Unite Technologies

Chris Traxler

We Now Have A Marketing Oil Well In Place That Consistently Produces Results

"Since I invested in MAP Infusionsoft, I can relax knowing that my team is setting appointments without me being involved. It all just happens! If you’re serious about generating leads, you need Infusionsoft. You cannot scale and grow an MSP without marketing automation tools that give you the reports and metrics you need to be efficient and productive."

Chris Traxler Cirrus Technologies

Dave Vieregg

Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform Saves Clients Thousands Of Dollars And Hundreds Of Hours

“We have seen Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform save clients thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, drastically reducing the time it takes to see real results. When an MSP is finally ready to get serious about growing sales and saving time, we always recommend they connect with Robin’s team at Technology Marketing Toolkit.”

Dave Vieregg Vice President of Partnerships, Keap

Paul Parisi

This Service Is A Godsend!

“The Infusionsoft Run For You service is a GODSEND! I knew Infusionsoft would help me automate my marketing and make it more effective, but I just didn't have the time to do the work. The Sherpa we are working with is excellent, and it’s wonderful that I get to focus other things in the business while she does all of the Infusionsoft work.”

Paul Parisi SaviorLabs

Anthony Hernandez

Easiest $10,000 I’ve Made!

"After just two basic training sessions and one email campaign, I’ve already generated over $10,000 in business JUST by using Infusionsoft to push out this easy campaign!"

Anthony Hernandez Captain IT

Sandra Long

This Has Definitely Added Revenue

“MAP by Infusionsoft has finally enabled us to do our QBRs with our clients! Yay! We weren’t doing them before (trying to get two busy people scheduled at the same time was painful!), but now they are AUTOMATED, and the client picks their preferred time – it’s seamless! Just that one campaign has definitely added revenue. Every time we go to a client QBR now, we sell something!”

Sandra Long CT North Phoenix

Molly Perry

More Marketing With Less Effort!

“We now get a lot of leads from our website web forms! Having them all organized in MAP by Infusionsoft has allowed us to automatically follow up on these leads to make sure they are contacted and converted. We get more marketing out now with MAP, but with less effort and manual labor since everything is automated!”

Molly Perry ByteCafe

Marcelo Vilas

Makes My Life Easier!

“I wasn’t doing a good job at marketing before because my list was scattered everywhere, and all of my campaigns had so much manual work that I gave up. MAP by Infusionsoft lets me automate parts of our marketing processes, which makes my life MUCH EASIER! Having a place where I can keep my leads and customers up-to-date is HUGE! This is pushing me to do that marketing and to make my business better.”

Marcelo Vilas Anikos Technologies Inc.

Mark Adair

I Cannot Imagine Doing Robin’s Marketing Without MAP By Infusionsoft

“MAP by Infusionsoft didn’t simplify my marketing efforts; it’s made them MORE sophisticated and effective. It has improved our processes and also my expectations. I see how complex these campaigns are with all of the steps, but Robin’s MAP by Infusionsoft automates so much of it! We are now doing a three-step letter campaign (Bad Date) to 250 contacts in batches of 50 using Infusionsoft, and I cannot imagine how difficult this would be without Infusionsoft! It is an eye-opener!”

Mark Adair Adair Technologies

Caleb Brown

Robin’s MAP Makes It EASY To Have Your Own Automated Marketing Engine

“Before we moved to Robin’s MAP, our marketing and database were TERRIBLE! We had it really scattered between ConnectWise Manage, Exchange public folders contacts, Mindmatrix, Excel… Heck, there are probably some cocktail napkins with stuff written down in a box someplace! While it was a big task for us to get all the above whittled down into what we actually wanted to keep, it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! I now have a highly segmented database at my fingertips. If I want to know how many folks filled out a form last month? Boom! I load a saved search. Want to know how many clients are on our full managed platform, that DON’T have our VoIP solution, that ARE decision makers so I can send a quick campaign to? Boom! I do a quick contact search, and the list is done. A year ago I would have had to dive into our PSA, Accounting Package, vCIO notes, Cross-sell Worksheet and spend a TON of time to create that list.

Not only did we have a haphazard and scattered list, even worse, we had zero marketing before Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft and Robin’s team actually gave us a marketing engine! I really have to give a nod to the RR folks; without them putting the prebuilt campaigns in Infusionsoft, we’d still be whining and moaning about not having a good list and that the effort to just get going on marketing was such a hill to climb we’d put it off. Because they’ve done so much for you and made it so easy, I literally got the automation up and going in the live training sessions that they put on. They really do make it simple for you to plug in just a couple data points and then you are off to the races!

Not only is there no other platform to be on if you are working with Robin, there is no way you could do Infusionsoft without what she and her team have preloaded onto the Infusionsoft platform.”

Caleb Brown JS Computek LLC

Leah Freiman

Everything Robin Offers Has Awesome ROI, But Her Marketing Automation Platform Was THE BEST Purchase!

“Before MAP, we were using Excel spreadsheets to try and keep track of our leads, and lots of opportunities fell through the cracks. We had to stumble through, using our PSA tool to send any marketing, and there was no accountability for anything. Robin's MAP brought it all together!

With Robin’s MAP, drip campaigns are so easy; it basically runs itself by now! Every new person we meet and speak to, we can VERY EASILY add to Infusionsoft and put them in our drip marketing. We get leads from our drip marketing all of the time! The fact that they built all of the campaigns for us makes it so simple to run campaigns. I can’t imagine having to do this ourselves!

Everything Robin offers has awesome ROI, but her Marketing Automation Platform was THE BEST purchase!”

Leah Freiman IT Con

Dan Welty

Peace Of Mind That My Data Is Consolidated, Ready To Market To

“I finally have peace of mind that all of my marketing and my database are getting consolidated into one place. For years, they’ve been scattered in Outlook, Evernote, Excel files, etc., and never had a single point of reference until now. I love that it’s all in one CRM, ready for me to send marketing to.”

Dan Welty CTO Networks

Jane Cohen

I Am A FAN! Our Marketing Is Now Organized And Automated

“We used to use another marketing tool that many MSPs may be trying to use, and although it serves its basic purpose, it was NOT an automated system like Infusionsoft. It did not have the capability to keep customers engaged without a regular phone call or manually having to go into the database to add next steps.

I love that, with Infusionsoft, you can be running multiple automated drip campaigns at once, and the system makes it so easy to move people through your marketing. With Infusionsoft, you can stay in front of your prospects and clients constantly!

Yes, I am a fan! I do all the follow-up calls myself for the campaigns, and we have had some great wins just by using Robin’s MAP. Just with our very FIRST campaign, we yielded four appointments, two proposals and one new client! On our most recent campaign, I was able to get eight meetings for our sales rep, and he ended up getting six proposals out of those meetings!

What I like best about MAP is that it keeps your prospecting and marketing structured, organized and automated. I have been in sales for over 25 years, and the biggest challenge is keeping in touch with all of our clients and prospects. Using Robin’s MAP makes it easy to manage my opportunities and helps ensure that some sort of marketing efforts are continually keeping our customers engaged. Thank you to Robin’s MAP team!”

Jane Cohen Panurgy

Howard Steere

Robin’s MAP Has Helped Us Build An Extremely Solid Qualified List Of Potential Clients

“Robin’s team truly does everything they can to help you be successful, including helping you automate your marketing. Their Infusionsoft training has been incredibly enlightening and helpful in my role here at The IT Workshop, and I’ve found both the training and support to be practical and results-driven. Automation can be intimidating, but their constant encouragement and help has reaped large return on effort. The drip campaigns they built are incredible, and one has garnered an extremely solid qualified list of potential clients for us! Thanks so much to their team for being responsive and for making my experience so successful.”

Howard Steere The IT Workshop

Pat Patterson

With Robin’s MAP, I Am FINALLY And Actually Doing Marketing!

“Before Robin's MAP, our marketing was nonexistent and purely just word-of-mouth. Now that we’re using MAP, we have solid and steady drip marketing that our prospects respond to! Robin’s MAP has been so easy to implement, and my customers are giving me feedback that they love the marketing I am sending them. With MAP, I am FINALLY and actually doing marketing!”

Pat Patterson Corporate Workflow Solutions

default image

We Can Now Implement Robin’s Campaigns Without Getting Completely Overwhelmed!

“Our marketing and list management was nonexistent before Infusionsoft; whenever we did pull together a campaign, it was like we were shooting blanks in the dark, just throwing out marketing to a random list! Marketing was something we knew we needed in order to grow our business, but we had no idea how to proceed since our database was a mess. Now that we have Robin’s MAP, we have a solid, focused and targeted list that we can very easily segment to quickly get out targeted marketing campaigns that match the lead exactly and speak directly to their needs.

Robin’s MAP is an amazing tool, and I love the prebuilt Robin Robins campaigns that are in there. It’s amazing how well they work, and it enables us to implement Robin’s campaigns without getting completely overwhelmed with how to keep track of each step. And I LOVE the Infusionsoft Dashboard reporting! I can log in and instantly see how ALL of my marketing is doing and the results that it is getting for us.”

Janette Goerdt Arena Computer Consulting

Josiv Krstinovski

Increased Appointments With Robin’s MAP!

“Before MAP, our database was messy and unorganized, and it took a VERY long time to get a list together. Now, because of Robin’s MAP, it is extremely easy to create highly targeted lists and send out a marketing campaign in a matter of minutes! Our marketing is a lot more organized, and the built-in accountability and statistics allow me to monitor my team and our sales activities.

I love the ease of the automation in Infusionsoft, and the fact that it is built around all of Robin’s campaigns makes it easy to get out marketing! We have several ‘Robinized’ marketing oil wells that we are constantly managing and that keep our prospects nourished. I like that I can now truly keep track of everything we are doing, and we have solid marketing numbers and data we can review. The numbers don’t lie, and we now have increased appointments by using MAP. Finally, a way to just keep things on track!”

Josiv Krstinovski KRS IT Consulting

Damien Pepper

This Has Already Paid Dividends Back To Us!

“Before moving to Robin's MAP, we were trying to use Zoho as our CRM. While this was working well for compiling lists and tracking which campaigns had been sent to a prospect, it offered ZERO easy ways to deploy automation without us having to completely reinvent the wheel.

Now that we have MAP, we have all of our clients and key users on automated drip marketing campaigns like the Weekly Cyber Security tips. This has already paid dividends back to us, since it’s been a fantastic trigger for our clients to ask questions and start sales conversations around security. Going with Robin's Marketing Automation Platform has taken away all of the heavy lifting of getting the automation started and has made regular contact with our client base easy and streamlined.”

Damien Pepper DSP Electronics Pty Ltd

default image

It Makes It So Easy To Get Opportunities Scheduled

“I love that we’ve been able to automate things like getting our quarterly business reviews scheduled every single quarter with Infusionsoft. It’s totally automated and makes it so easy to get these upsell opportunities on my calendar! Robin’s QBR campaign takes all of the hassle out of it! We’ve also been able to build out a great farm list of prospects that we can send automated drip marketing to on a regular basis in Infusionsoft, enabling us to stay top of mind with minimal effort!”

Fran Dattilo Invario

Scott Beene

Absolute Best Platform Out There – Period!

“My MSP company has been in business for over 18 years, and I’m sheepish to say that we had never done any marketing ever! While referrals steadily came in and business continued to grow, we had never actually implemented any campaigns. So when the referrals started to slow down, we knew we had to do something, and I knew absolutely nothing about marketing.

We dabbled with some other marketing firms and put a ton of money into their recommendations, but we got zero results. So when I found Robin, I was optimistic but skeptical. We went to Boot Camp, and not only did it charge up our marketing batteries, but we also jumped at the chance to invest in Robin’s MAP as a marketing tool. Wow! What a tool! The fact that Robin’s campaigns are all prebuilt in it, makes it the best tool in my toolbox!

With Robin’s MAP, I now have a HUGE increase in efficiency with my marketing system. The automation saves a ton of time and allows me to bring on more people with a positive ROI since I can delegate specific parts of my marketing. The campaigns are so structured and organized that you are forced to do them, which forces results and output! If you implement Robin’s campaigns in Infusionsoft, you will get results. This is the absolute best marketing platform out there – period!”

Scott Beene Diversicom Corporation

David Luft

Do NOT Go Direct! This Is A Service I Will Never Regret!

"When I first started looking at automating my marketing with Infusionsoft, I thought, 'why spend the money on Robin’s version when I can go direct and do it myself?' Having a strong background in programming, I thought I could save a few dollars a month and recreate what Robin has done. That is not even close to reality! Infusionsoft is a very advanced system, and the time I saved by purchasing the system already setup is invaluable. It is so easy to copy the campaigns and modify them because they have done a superb job of automating the whole marketing process. If I had gone direct, it would have taken SO MUCH time learn Infusionsoft, I never could have come close the level of sophistication that is built in, and I wouldn’t have the top rate support we get from Robin’s team. This is a service I will never regret!"

David Luft LDD Consulting, Inc.

Theresa Jones

Closed A New Deal In Less Than 2 Weeks Of Using Robin’s MAP

“When the owners of the company came back from one of Robin’s events and told me they had enrolled in MAP, I was very skeptical and hesitant. I had been struggling using a different CRM and was very unhappy with it since it was extremely limited and clunky. I had to do SO MUCH manual work just to get prospecting done and marketing out the door. I was hoping that Infusionsoft wouldn’t be more of the same.

I was pleasantly surprised! We went through Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Infusionsoft Basic Training and got our prospect list into Infusionsoft to start marketing to them, and we QUICKLY started generating leads. We even closed a new deal from our Warm 250 list in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! Infusionsoft managed and automated the whole process while we worked the deal, all the way through onboarding.

I like that I don’t have to log in to multiple applications for my daily prospecting and marketing activity, and the Infusionsoft Dashboard makes it easy for me to know what I have and don’t have in my funnel. I also love that Infusionsoft will track where each of the prospects are in the sales cycle and make sure they are getting consistent messages, and management can use their Infusionsoft Dashboard to stay abreast so they don’t always have to come to me for updates.

I would absolutely recommend any MSP to use Robin’s MAP for MSPs!”

Theresa M. Jones Ener Systems

Brian Mangum

Before Robin’s MAP, I Had Zero Marketing – Now I Have Marketing SYSTEMS That Generate Real Results!

"Before Robin's MAP, we had absolutely no marketing. Now with Robin’s MAP, it is procedural and INTENTIONAL. I have a way to quickly segment lists and send campaigns to customers and prospects, and all of the campaign content is all provided to me! Just this week, I had an old prospect respond to one of Robin’s drip campaigns that we use and request a meeting. It had been over a year since we had spoken last, which shows the power of automated campaigns. If you want to finally start marketing (or beef up your current efforts), Robin’s MAP is the way to go.”

Brian Mangum Owner, BrightFlow Technologies

Nathan Whittacre

I’ve Already Had Three Leads Contact Me About Additional Services Just This Week!

"Because Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform is built around Robin’s campaigns, it makes it a cinch to implement the Toolkit! Just from one of the pre-built, drip, “set-it-and-forget-it” campaigns, I’ve already had three leads contact me about additional services just this week. I love the campaigns!"

Nathan Whittacre Stimulus Technologies

This Is By Far The BEST Solution Out There!

“Before Robin's MAP, we were struggling to keep our database and leads somewhat organized by using spreadsheets, Outlook, our PSA tool, and handwritten notes. I guess it somewhat worked, but it was a nightmare to manage! Now that we’re using Robin’s MAP, I can very QUICKLY and EASILY slice and dice my contacts to send out campaigns. This is by far the BEST solution out there!”

Michael Millhouse BridgePoint Technologies, LLC

Infusionsoft Is Definitely The Way To Go

“We use Infusionsoft and LOVE IT! Everything marketing goes through Infusionsoft. As an owner, I love the visibility down to my team and our clients and am thrilled with the serious time savings. Infusionsoft is definitely the way to go.”

Al Alper Absolute Logic

I Am Telling You To Just DO IT!

“If you’re on the fence at all about Robin’s MAP, I am telling you to just DO IT! You don’t realize how much time you have been wasting doing things manually and how much you have not been tracking until you get MAP. A simple webinar used to take hours to prep, promote, segment based on attendance, follow up, and more. Now it just takes a few minutes for me in Infusionsoft, and if you get stuck, you have help from Team Robin.”

Mark Shehan Pioneering Programmers

This Will Save You Time And Money

“Infusionsoft is a big complex product, and while it is very powerful, I do not suggest that anyone try to do this on their own. Using Robin’s Done For You program will save you time and money, and you seriously shortcut your time to getting started.”

Ahsun Saleem SimpleGrid Technology

Robin’s Team Has Been Invaluable!

“The pre-loaded/automated campaigns have allowed us to jump right into Infusionsoft. Having Robin’s Team as a dedicated resource that understands the campaigns and our business has been invaluable too!”

Lisa Shorr Secure Future Tech

Nothing Has The Abilities Robin’s MAP Does!

“We were clunking along using Excel and our PSA software to try to track calls made, appointments set and sat, etc. The PSA tools just don’t have the ability to segment my list, nor create automated if/then logic in marketing campaigns like Robin's MAP does!”

Fred Sagester Sagester Associates

Save Yourself The Wasted Time And Energy Of Doing Infusionsoft On Your Own, And Sign Up With Robin TODAY!

“I had actually had Infusionsoft on my own for over two years and went through numerous developers and consultants that claimed that knew my business and how campaigns should work inside infusionsoft, but they had NO CLUE! I was spending way too much time, money and sanity to try and do Infusionsoft without Robin. I even thought I had a breakthrough when a new member of my marketing team told me he had used infusionsoft and was familiar with it, and we became experts at building incredibly complicated campaigns. But I was wasting WAY too much time implementing these complicated, time consuming campaigns that didn't yield any results. I was very frustrated.

During a recent Technology Marketing Toolkit event, I had a chance to speak to Robin’s team about Robin's MAP powered by Infusionsoft, where they took the time to explain to me the differences between what I was doing on my own and how Robin has the campaigns setup in infusionsoft. I immediately recognized that THIS WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. If you are running a business, your time must be used wisely, and you should not be building campaigns in infusionsoft. Save yourself the wasted time and energy of doing Infusionsoft on your own, and sign up with Robin TODAY! It is like night and day, and you will not regret it.”

Walter Conteras Motiva

Hands Down, I Wouldn’t Recommend Any Other CRM!

“We tried other CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics which we get access to as a partner, and so know firsthand that CRMs are “application beasts” that are hard to figure out, require loads of customization, and are near impossible to utilize to their potential due to their complexity. Using Robin's MAP has “tamed the beast” and made it simply another application we use every single day in our marketing efforts. We went from, “I am not sure that can happen” to “well, of course you can do that in Infusionsoft! Just a few clicks, and done!” Easy! There is no other way to go. If you want to have a TRUE CRM, that works like a “beast” without you needing to put the blood, sweat and tears into “taming the beast”, then you have to use Robin's MAP. Hands down, I wouldn’t recommend any other CRM!”

David Groot President, Windstar Technologies, Inc.

Awesome CRM And Marketing Automation Platform That Gets REAL Results For Our Growing Business

"Robin's MAP has truly changed everything about our marketing. Our campaign workflows have been dramatically simplified for both myself and our inside sales person, and we now have the ability to scale our campaigns to deliver REAL RESULTS and SALES. The strategy, design and functionality that is built into the the RR campaigns in Infusionsoft demonstrates Robin’s team’s mastery of Infusionsoft.

Robin’s MAP team was an extremely helpful, awesome and amazing resource during the process of training and implementing Infusionsoft for Computerease. All within one month, we had hired an inside sales person, started using Infusionsoft, sent out 400 aspirin campaigns, held a cybersecurity webinar, and started using a dialer. Needless to say, there was a lot going on! They helped guide me through our very crazy time of implementation so that we are now well on our way to be up and running with Infusionsoft.

Thanks to Robin’s MAP team, we have an awesome CRM and marketing automation platform, and our marketing efforts have become much more SIMPLE!”

Larissa Finley Marketing Manager, Computerease

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