Why Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform?

Because You Are Tired Of Doing Random Inconsistent Marketing That Leaves You With No Clue If It Worked

You know and trust Robin, her team and her methods. You have the Technology Marketing Toolkit and you believe in it. You know it can work. You see it work for other MSPs – but yours is collecting dust. You may have launched a campaign or two, but you know you haven’t been getting the results you want because you haven’t been consistent.

This isn’t all your fault – the reality is that you are missing the tools you need to market with efficiency. And because you don’t have the best tools for the job, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and you may even have begun to question if you WANT to grow your business. Deep down, you may even worry that adding more clients would drown you.

If this is you, you’re not alone. We have helped over 8,000 IT services firms, and one of key lessons our top clients have all learned is that you must have a real marketing system. Robin and her team have spent thousands of hours developing her Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) to make it THE tool MSPs need to launch effective, efficient and consistent marketing without the overwhelm.

To Be A Top MSP, You Have To Finally Organize Your Marketing

You can’t run a marketing campaign every once in a while and expect to grow. You have to run many campaigns targeting many audiences and utilizing many different mediums (direct mail, e-mail, online, phone call follow-up, etc.). Robin calls this “Multi-Media Sequencing,” and the first step to successfully deploying this strategy is organizing your leads, prospects and existing clients into a real CRM.

Sure, you may think you can turn Excel or your PSA software into a CRM, but it NEVER works. Everything will be a mess…nothing will be organized…and it’s just impossible to get ahead. Without a REAL CRM tool, you’ll be constantly DROWNING…unable to track your leads and schedule calls, unable to segment your list and unable automate your campaigns. Because it’s HARD and TIME-CONSUMING and demands so many RESOURCES, too many MSPs stop marketing and give up on growth.

There is an easier way.

Once you have a REAL CRM tool in place, you can finally get your head above water. You’ll start getting campaigns out the door, start getting results and, yes, start GROWING and SCALING your business.

With a real CRM, you can organize and segment your prospects and clients in a way that enables you to better target your audience and maximize the impact of your marketing message. Plus, finally, you can track, follow up and hold your sales team accountable. All of these critical steps can happen QUICKLY and even AUTOMATICALLY so you can focus on growing your business.

Why Infusionsoft Is Without A Doubt The BEST CRM Tool For MSPs

Our goal from day one was to offer an optimal CRM tool that provided the time-saving marketing automation that our clients desperately needed. We spent months testing one tool after another, including ACT, Goldmine and Salesforce. NONE of them had all the capabilities that our MSP clients needed and were asking for. Only Infusionsoft met ALL of our high demands.

Not only is Infusionsoft the #1 small-business CRM and marketing automation software company, it offers capabilities and advantages that no other tool provides. Perhaps the greatest strength of Infusionsoft is its capability to support Robin’s “Multimedia Sequencing” strategy. These time-saving and marketing-enhancing functionalities enable MSPs to run entire marketing campaigns – from direct mail to e-mails to follow-up phone calls and more – all in one convenient place. By seamlessly tracking a prospect through every stage and every activity, your chances of closing each prospect grow exponentially. For more than 550 of our clients, this has been a GAME CHANGER.

As robust a tool as Infusionsoft is in providing what an IT services provider needs, it’s surprisingly affordable. Plus, Infusionsoft can save considerable time and resources without opportunities and sales (money) slipping through the cracks.

Why Robin’s MAP with Infusionsoft Will Become Your Best and Favorite Employee

There’s no question, the heart and soul of Technology Marketing Toolkit are the sales and marketing campaigns. For 14+ years, MSPs around the world have proven these campaigns WORK to generate qualified leads, new clients and serious recurring revenue. These same winning campaigns and marketing workflows are PRE-BUILT into Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). There’s no need to hire techs or copywriters or designers – we’ve done ALL of that already! Rather than building out each campaign YOURSELF and FORCING it to work with Infusionsoft, everything is ALREADY DONE so you can spend more time closing new business.

Plus, rather than working with Infusionsoft’s tech support, who know nothing about your MSP or our marketing, you work directly with Robin’s team. From easy-to-follow video guides, to training and LIVE tech support whenever you need it, we work with you every step of the way. If there is ever an issue with the software, we leverage our relationship as Infusionsoft’s #1 Producing Partner to get you a remedy FAST.

Our MAP program powered by Infusionsoft saves our clients COUNTLESS HOURS and ENDLESS EXPENSES versus developing a custom platform on their own. In fact, here is what Keap (the company that makes Infusionsoft) has to say:

Dave Vieregg

Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform Saves Clients Thousands Of Dollars And Hundreds Of Hours

“We have seen Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform save clients thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, drastically reducing the time it takes to see real results. When an MSP is finally ready to get serious about growing sales and saving time, we always recommend they connect with Robin’s team at Technology Marketing Toolkit.”

Dave Vieregg Vice President of Partnerships, Keap

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