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Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) is designed specifically for managed IT services providers who want to get more leads, opportunities and sales in less time and with fewer people and resources. FINALLY get more (and better) marketing out the door with MAP’s “push-button” marketing.

A CRM Designed Specifically For MSPs

Automated, push-button, “Robinized” and ready-to-go marketing campaigns

Failure to follow-up costs most MSPs thousands of dollars every month – because there’s just no way for you to do it consistently or often enough. Your prospective clients typically need to hear from you six to eight times before they will do business with you, and if you drop the ball…they will likely do business with the next IT provider they speak to. At the same time, you can’t just e-mail over and over again – you have to mix it up. Robin calls her strategy “multimedia sequencing,” and it utilizes direct mail, phone calls, LinkedIn connections, text messages and e-mails. All strategically timed and sequenced to deliver proven results for MSPs just like you!

Stop doing unnecessary tasks

If you’re constantly pulling reports, cleaning lists, or scheduling meetings with clients, then you are wasting precious hours that could be spent growing your business. Robin’s MAP will do your busy work for you, helping you focus your time on tasks you actually have to do.

MAP Is Your Complete Solution to Automating All Marketing Campaigns Increasing Lead Generation, Reporting Accuracy, and Monthly Recurring Revenue


House all of your data in one place so it is organized and optimized for marketing, saving you countless hours of unnecessary work and frustration.


A live, virtual Basic Training jump-starts your success with the Marketing Automation Platform. Short, on-demand videos show you how to use every key feature in your MAP.


These Robinized campaigns prove time and time again to produce leads, and we are automating them for you!

Campaign Reporting Dashboard

We build all the reports you need to QUICKLY see exactly how all of your automated campaigns are performing FOR YOU!


Powerful, proven and interlocking campaigns designed to implement automated, push-button marketing in your business.


You’ll receive a marketing campaign flowchart that gives you an easy visual blueprint of how every campaign works in your MAP.

Custom Automation Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a CRM and marketing automation?

CRM stands for customer relationship management and is a software that allows a business to store information on its clients and prospects for the purposes of “managing” the relationship. Early CRM systems like ACT! and Goldmine were database programs that allowed companies to store notes, files and information on customers and communications, and organize their list into intelligent groups for marketing purposes. As CRM systems evolved, they became more sophisticated by allowing e-mail broadcasts and fax broadcasts, and incorporating other online tools for social media.

Marketing automation systems are the next generation of CRM, providing more sophisticated list segmentation, tracking and reports as well as the ability to implement sophisticated “if-then” logic in campaigns. For example, we can build campaigns that trigger once a lead opts in on your website or a person registers for a webinar. Such campaigns can automatically send e-mails, set up tasks for your sales team to call or your marketing team to mail information, and provide reporting on the entire process. Other campaigns can trigger appointments to be scheduled automatically by your client or prospect and then continue to send e-mails or send your sales team alerts if the client or prospect does NOT take that action. It can also remove people from campaigns once they’ve completed an action you’re driving them to do, such as registering for a seminar, downloading a free report or scheduling a consultation.

Our MAP program is a combination of CRM and marketing automation, AND the actual campaign blueprints are pre-built, pre-written and ready to go for an MSP that wants to get more clients and sell more to the clients they already have.

If you want to communicate INTELLIGENTLY with clients and prospects WITHOUT massive manual labor, making sure they are getting appropriate communications based on their actions and preferences, you need a marketing automation software, not just a CRM.

What is “Keap”?

Keap is a marketing automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform. Previously known as Infusionsoft, it underwent a rebranding in 2019. Keap is designed to assist small businesses in managing their sales, marketing, and customer data within a centralized system. MAP, built on Keap, comes preloaded with TMT templates, reports, forms, and campaigns. TMT has won multiple awards in its partnership with Keap and was honored as the Keap Partner of the Year for the 3rd time in 2023.

Why are you selling Keap and not some other CRM or marketing automation platform?

Keap is the system WE use at Technology Marketing Toolkit. We have used and investigated dozens of CRM systems and marketing automation platforms and chose Keap simply because it offered the most robust features at the best price.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy directly from Keap?

No! The Keap license actually costs less when purchased through our Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) than if you purchased it directly. Because we are Keap’s #1 Producing Partner, we have been able to secure a discounted rate unavailable anywhere else. Additionally, customers that purchase directly from Keap are required to sign a one-year contract. Our program remains month to month.

Additionally, if you’re an MSP or IT services firm that wants to implement the Toolkit, enrolling through us ensures you’ll get Robin Recommended campaigns and support that you cannot get anywhere else. Here is what Keap has to say about our program saving you time and money:

“An MSP’s success is enhanced when they are connected to the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit. We have seen Robin’s MAP save clients thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, drastically reducing the time it takes to see real results. When we are contacted by a prospective client who is in the IT services industry, we recommend that they connect with the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit.

If you are an IT services company and you are finally deciding to get serious about growing sales and saving time, look no further than the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit.”

Dave Vieregg
Vice President, Keap