Have You Ever Said To Yourself, “SOMEDAY I’ll Get My Marketing Organized And Out The Door Consistently So That I Can Have A Steady Flow Of Leads And Appointments”?

But despite your best efforts, you STILL don’t have a reliable and sales-producing marketing system in place, you’re STILL struggling to get your marketing done consistently, and you STILL don’t have reliable drip marketing in place?

On top of that, you are spending WAY too much money on haphazard and lackluster marketing, working your tail off for crappy leads, fumbling around and doing twice as much work to get zero results!!

It’s Not Your Fault!

Until now, you haven’t had a SOLUTION for true, automated marketing and client acquisition. It had seemed the only solutions where your PSA tool and spreadsheets, leaving you frustrated with trying to cobble together multiple software systems and spreadsheets to get your marketing out the door and generating leads in your business.

There Is Finally A Solution!

To create Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), we’ve partnered with the #1 small business CRM and marketing automation software company, Infusionsoft, to give you pre-built campaigns and marketing workflows that lets you focus on closing new business. This is as close as you can get to putting your marketing on auto-pilot. With Robin’s Infuionsoft For MSPs, you will be able to…

  • Move prospects through your marketing and sales funnels faster and MUCH more efficiently so that you can focus on DELIVERING five-star IT support to them
  • Avoid missed opportunities, dropped balls and leads falling through the cracks
  • Automate your sales follow-up to maximize the dollar amount of every opportunity
  • Organize and get a handle on your sales and marketing process so that you can be able to spot gaps and trends
  • Introduce MASSIVE efficiency so that you can prospect MORE leads with fewer people, time and resources
  • Quickly and easily do highly targeted and automated marketing that is 100% based on Robin’s campaigns and marketing
  • Exponentially multiply your prospecting efforts

100% No Risk, 90-Day, Money Back Guarantee

Sign up and use the program for 3 full months to determine if you CAN successfully implement this program AND to decide if this will work for you. If at any time during the first 90 days, you can show that you’ve implemented and launched at least 2 simple campaigns – with our full help and support – and you still don’t think that the software is right for you, we’ll give you 100% of your onboarding fee back, no questions asked.

See What Robin’s MAP Clients Have To Say

Hands Down, I Wouldn’t Recommend Any Other CRM!

“We tried other CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics which we get access to as a partner, and so know firsthand that CRMs are “application beasts” that are hard to figure out, require loads of customization, and are near impossible to utilize to their potential due to their complexity. Using Robin's MAP has “tamed the beast” and made it simply another application we use every single day in our marketing efforts. We went from, “I am not sure that can happen” to “well, of course you can do that in Infusionsoft! Just a few clicks, and done!” Easy! There is no other way to go. If you want to have a TRUE CRM, that works like a “beast” without you needing to put the blood, sweat and tears into “taming the beast”, then you have to use Robin's MAP. Hands down, I wouldn’t recommend any other CRM!”

David Groot President, Windstar Technologies, Inc.

Save Yourself The Wasted Time And Energy Of Doing Infusionsoft On Your Own, And Sign Up With Robin TODAY!

“I had actually had Infusionsoft on my own for over two years and went through numerous developers and consultants that claimed that knew my business and how campaigns should work inside infusionsoft, but they had NO CLUE! I was spending way too much time, money and sanity to try and do Infusionsoft without Robin. I even thought I had a breakthrough when a new member of my marketing team told me he had used infusionsoft and was familiar with it, and we became experts at building incredibly complicated campaigns. But I was wasting WAY too much time implementing these complicated, time consuming campaigns that didn't yield any results. I was very frustrated.

During a recent Technology Marketing Toolkit event, I had a chance to speak to Robin’s team about Robin's MAP powered by Infusionsoft, where they took the time to explain to me the differences between what I was doing on my own and how Robin has the campaigns setup in infusionsoft. I immediately recognized that THIS WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. If you are running a business, your time must be used wisely, and you should not be building campaigns in infusionsoft. Save yourself the wasted time and energy of doing Infusionsoft on your own, and sign up with Robin TODAY! It is like night and day, and you will not regret it.”

Walter Conteras Motiva

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