Can’t Find Time For Marketing Automation?
Just Want It All Done FOR You?

Introducing Our Run-For-You MAP Services!

OUR TEAM Gets Infusionsoft Launched For You

You got Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) because you wanted to save massive time with automation, while cranking up your marketing to start getting more leads, opportunities, sales and profits. And while we fully build out all of our clients’ Infusionsoft applications complete with Robinized campaigns, MSP-specific settings, full workflows and more, there is still setup and customization that our clients need to do, which takes TIME.

Time That You Don’t Have.

It’s not that you don’t WANT to automate your marketing; it’s that setting up and customizing a new software such as Infusionsoft takes TIME and EFFORT you just don’t have. Or perhaps you worry that a half-effort attempt by you could mean mistakes and errors, and you would rather just avoid that by having an expert set it up right the first time.

Let Our Expert MAP “Sherpas” Take This Time, Effort And Stress Off Of You and Get Your Marketing Out JUST DAYS From Now!

Immediately Get A Sherpa!

My Sherpa keeps me ahead of schedule with my marketing, and I feel like he not only understands us and our company, but knows exactly how I need my Infusionsoft to work for us. He's been wonderful! I couldn't ask for a better Sherpa. I think everyone should get Infusionsoft and immediately request Run-For-You services with a Sherpa. I could not imagine attempting this on my own, but with Tyler’s help, it’s been a breeze! I wish all my vendor relationships were this easy!

Amanda Lesniski CNI Consultants July 31, 2020

Dave Irvine

Start NOW With A Run-For-You Sherpa

"Any MSP who is looking to adopt Infusionsoft should get a Run-For-You Sherpa! Looking back, I realize that I was naive when I first signed up for Infusionsoft. As a small business owner who already wears a lot of hats, I didn't realize that this particular Infusionsoft hat would be impossible for me to wear with any effectiveness unless I let go of other hats to do so, which is simply not an option. It took me one whole year of paying for Infusionsoft and not really being able to use it to come to this realization. Learn from my experience and invest in a Run-For-You Sherpa from the very beginning!"

Dave Irvine Irvine Consulting Services, Inc. July 15, 2019

MAP Done-For-You Implementation & Management

Let one of our Expert MAP Sherpas will take the heavy lifting of the Infusionsoft implementation and management off your back. You will get all of your data settings, mapping and importing done for you, PLUS the full setup and customization of your Automation Campaigns so your entire implementation is handled and led by your own Expert MAP Sherpa.

Who Is This For?

This is for those who just don’t want to learn the ins and outs of Infusionsoft and want an expert to “just do it for them.” We’ll do all of the back-end work and customization; we just teach you how to use it to generate leads and new business. This is for those who want to continue to do ongoing, outbound automation campaigns and continually be developing their Infusionsoft, but either don’t want to do it themselves or don’t have someone on staff to do it. Our Sherpa will take ownership of your ongoing MAP projects and run Infusionsoft for you.

With the ongoing Run-For-You MAP Management, you will get:

  • A FULL AUDIT And Review Of Your Existing Infusionsoft
    We will look at your current list to make sure your data is properly mapped and con gured. We will also assess the campaigns you have completed (or perhaps halfway started) to make sure they are con figured correctly and running optimally.
  • Your VERY OWN Technology Marketing Toolkit Sherpa
    Your Technology Marketing Toolkit MAP Sherpa will continue to build out, optimize and manage your Infusionsoft projects for you.
  • Scheduled Status Update and Consulting Calls Every Month
    These consulting sessions are to recap results and plan for the next MAP projects. They will ensure that you are maximizing the value of your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform.
  • 1 New Sherpa Project Each Month
    Your Sherpa will implement a new campaign, process or workflow FOR YOU every month.
  • Your Sherpa Will Do EVERYTHING In Infusionsoft For You
    Your Sherpa will be doing all of the heavy lifting of implementation, but they will also teach you how to use your Infusionsoft as an end user. We’ll want you to be able to know how to use all of the basic features in Infusionsoft and be empowered to use it as an end user.

What this is NOT:

  • We will not follow up on leads for you. Even though your Sherpa will set up your campaigns in Infusionsoft for you, you will still need to do any “human” parts of the campaign, such as making the phone calls, following up with leads and setting appointments.
  • We will not build custom campaigns. This is the implementation of our PROVEN, results-generating campaigns. It is NOT custom-built campaigns or “start from scratch” custom builds.
  • Your Sherpa will not be your day-to-day support person. We have an entire Technology Marketing Toolkit MAP Support Team, dedicated to helping you with ALL of your day-to-day Infusionsoft questions. Your Sherpa will spend their time on your high-end projects, while you will utilize our Support Team for any normal support issues.
  • Your Sherpa will not be your marketing manager. You have unlimited access to a whole marketing team at Technology Marketing Toolkit, including Marketing Coaches! With the Run For You Infusionsoft, you get to add to your team with an Infusionsoft Expert Sherpa. You will get marketing questions and strategy from your Coach to bring to your Sherpa to implement in Infusionsoft.
David Javaheri

Our Sherpa Helped Get Us A 15% Increase In Sales In Just A Few Months!

“Our #1 goal with the Run-For-You MAP Infusionsoft service was to get us back on track with Infusionsoft and the marketing. We had been in Infusionsoft for a while, but we knew we could be using it for so much more. Working one-on-one with a Sherpa got us the help, accountability and training that we needed in order to fully launch Infusionsoft and set up consistent, lead-producing marketing. We LOVED working with our Sherpa, and with her help, we are now launching three, new, aggressive campaigns every month and have seen a 15% increase in sales! Our database is finally in order, and we have Marketing Oil wells automated in our Infusionsoft.”

David Javaheri and Rena Tobias Direct IT August 2, 2019

Nicole Milliron

If You Are Wearing Multiple Hats In Your Company, This Is WORTH EVERY PENNY!

"I had Infusionsoft for three years but had struggled since the beginning to get it off the ground since I never had time to actually do the training provided. We had just hired a salesperson, and I was busy not only being the Director of Operations and doing the marketing, but now I was also being a sales manager. I had too many hats on!

All I wanted was someone to just “set up” everything. I am always willing to outsource to experts and pay for convenience (of course – since that’s what we teach our prospects and clients!), so when I heard about the Run-For-You, I knew this was perfect for me since I didn’t have the bandwidth to do Infusionsoft.

My Sherpa and the team have been so great! They helped set up EVERYTHING. They truly are experts and helped me to think through the campaigns, keeping me from making errors that would have taken hours to correct.

Response was incredible, and I loved having access to my Sherpa and also the whole team of experts. This is WORTH EVERY PENNY! I recommend the Sherpa to anyone who is wearing multiple hats. If you are performing other tasks within the company or have other priorities and initiatives, it will be too difficult to master. Just let the Sherpa handle it!"

Nicole Milliron Kloud9 IT July 23, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Will My Sherpa Do For Me?

A: Your Sherpa will take all things Infusionsoft off your plate. Below is a PARTIAL list of some of the most requested things Sherpas do for their clients:

  • Implement New Technology Marketing Toolkit Campaigns
  • Customize Existing Campaigns
  • Audit Your Existing Infusionsoft To Make Sure Your Infusionsoft Is Properly Configured
  • Create All Landing Pages Associated With Automation Campaigns
  • Send Your E-mail Marketing Every Month
  • Create Booking Links
  • Assist With Database Cleanup
  • Configure The Sync Tool
  • List Imports/Exports
  • Tag Cleanup
  • Run Reports
  • Extended 1:1 Training

You will outsource your Infusionsoft management to an expert automation Sherpa who will be your “hands” in Infusionsoft and teach you how to use it as an end user. They will just take care of everything “behind the scenes.”

Q: What Do I Have To Do When I Have A Sherpa?

A: All you have to do when you have a Sherpa is:

  • Tell your Sherpa what campaign you want to run, when to run it and who you want to send it to.
  • Provide any branded campaign materials (e.g., direct mail letters)
  • Meet with your Sherpa to get 1:1 training

Q: Do I Need A Sherpa?

A: This is for those who just don’t want to learn the ins and outs of Infusionsoft and want an expert to “just do it for me.” If you want to do ongoing, outbound automation campaigns and continually develop your Infusionsoft, but either don’t want to do it yourself or don’t have someone on staff to do it, then this is for you. This is for those who don’t have time to do Infusionsoft but still want the benefits of automation. If you are less than thrilled with the results your current marketing is getting or feel you aren’t using Infusionsoft to its full potential, you need a Sherpa.

Q: How Long Is The Commitment?

A: Our Sherpa program isn’t designed to be a “break/fix” solution. Though we don’t require our clients to sign a contract and we handle the billing on a month-to-month basis, we do ask for a verbal commitment of at least six months. This program definitely has a work-heavy first few months, and by month six you will be seeing the powerful results that having an Infusionsoft Expert “on staff” can bring. Our Sherpa’s goal is to deliver such a wonderful experience that you won’t be able to imagine life without them.

Q: Who Are Your Sherpas? Do I Work With One Sherpa Or Different Sherpas?

A: Our expert automation Sherpas are Robin-trained Infusionsoft “gurus” who have years of experience working with automation. You will get one Sherpa assigned to you who will master your Infusionsoft account and get to know you and your business. Even though your Sherpa is the same and becomes entrenched in your account, we have alternative Sherpas who know your account and can step in to help in case your Sherpa is on vacation or sick.

Q: What If I Have Customized My Campaigns?

A: Perfect! Then a Sherpa is absolutely for you. When you customize campaigns, it becomes even more difficult for you (or our Help Desk) to troubleshoot and make modifications. When you get an expert automation Sherpa assigned to you, THEY learn your customizations and preferences and implement for you. This will keep your app better organized and make quick changes or fixes easier if issues arise.

Q: Is It So Hard That My Team Can’t Do It?

A: It’s not that it’s hard; we provide ALL of the documentation and Help Desk support that you need in order to “do” MAP Infusionsoft. It’s that it takes time. And time is your team’s most limited and precious asset. It is also nearly impossible for your team to be an expert in all things marketing (online marketing, direct mail, websites, ads, list building, social media…AND now Infusionsoft?). OUTSOURCE this to our experts and save time, because time is money.

Matt Disher

This Is The Missing Piece!

"The Sherpa program gives me the motivation to keep running campaigns and doing marketing. I’m finally getting all of my marketing oil wells set up, and the Sherpa is doing it all. My Sherpa has a lot of knowledge and ensures that I understand what is needed and even makes recommendations based on my plans. It's the missing piece to making Infusionsoft work for me!”

Matt Disher Southwest Networks March 12, 2020

Mike Moran

Amazing Service! It Has Accelerated Our Marketing And Given Us More Leads!

“My Technology Marketing Toolkit Sherpa is the most organized, knowledgeable CRM and marketing automation expert. She is GREAT! She is resourceful and patient and addresses our questions to share the best ways to get things accomplished.

We had done an Automation Audit, which uncovered a lot of problems. Our Sherpa has been tackling that to fix our issues and also to get new campaigns running properly. Later this month we will be reviewing our updated status against our audit for progress here, and I know we will be impressed!

I know we will see great improvements in our lead generation now that we will be accelerating our marketing with the RIGHT approach. I also love that we now have an expert who drives our system and guides our efforts.

I can take a more hands-off, observational role as I am seeing us doing things right now because we have an expert who is doing the work for us. I am very pleased. You could not have made a better program - it is awesome!”

Mike Moran Affiliated Resource Group January 16, 2020

Pedro Nunez

My Sherpa Just Takes Care Of It!

"The Run For You MAP program has exceeded my expectations! I was able to delegate 99% of all the Infusionsoft tasks to the Sherpa and now I don't have to worry about them. Plus, I get my other two team members in sales and marketing properly trained by an expert. 5 out of 5 stars!”

Pedro Nunez IT Management Solutions March 5, 2020