Can’t Find Time For Infusionsoft? Just Want It All Done FOR You?

Introducing Our Done-For-You Infusionsoft Services!

OUR TEAM Gets Infusionsoft Launched For You

You got Robin’s Infusionsoft CRM For MSPs because you wanted to save massive time with automation, while cranking up your marketing to start getting more leads, opportunities, sales and profits. And while we fully build out all of our clients’ Infusionsoft applications complete with Robinized campaigns, MSP-specific settings, full workflows and more, there is still setup and customization that our clients need to do, which takes TIME.

Time That You Don’t Have.

It’s not that you don’t WANT to automate your marketing; it’s that setting up and customizing a new software such as Infusionsoft takes TIME and EFFORT you just don’t have. Or perhaps you worry that a half-effort attempt by you could mean mistakes and errors, and you would rather just avoid that by having an expert set it up right the first time.

Let Our Expert Infusionsoft “Sherpas” Take This Time, Effort And Stress Off Of You and Get Your Marketing Out JUST DAYS From Now!

Our Available Infusionsoft Services:

Standard Implementation (Included in ALL training and onboarding investments)

  • 12 Weeks of Self-Study Basic Training, including videos, checklists, launch steps and more (both live or on-demand available)
  • 10 Hours of Self-Guided Online Video Training
  • Unlimited Support from OUR Team

Fast Start Implementation

One of our Expert Infusionsoft Sherpas will take the heavy lifting of the INITIAL DATABASE SETUP of your Infusionsoft off your back, but then you will do the setup and customization of your Automation Campaigns yourself with the Self-Study Basic Training.

This is for those who want to learn Infusionsoft, but just need some expert help to get it off the ground and lay the foundation for them.

You will get:

  • Importing and Tagging Your List… DONE!
    Your list quickly organized, categorized and segmented into Infusionsoft so you can quickly “slice and dice” contacts and get marketing out at lightning speed. We even import your list for you!
  • All Designated Permissions… DONE!
    We set up all users with designated permissions so your team members can start using Infusionsoft to capture leads.
  • FULL Setup of Your Quarterly Business Review Campaign… DONE
    So that you can instantly start automating the QBR scheduling process each quarter, which will get you appointments and upsell opportunities fast.
  • One-on-One Training
    How to use Infusionsoft as your CRM and the Quarterly Business Review campaign.

Done-For-You Implementation

You will get EVERYTHING in the Fast Start Implementation, PLUS the full setup and customization of your Automation Campaigns so your entire implementation is handled and led by your own Expert Infusionsoft Sherpa.

This is for those who just don’t want to learn the ins and outs of Infusionsoft and want an expert to “just do it for them.” We’ll do all of the back-end work and customization; we just teach you how to use it to generate leads and new business.

You will get:

  • EVERYTHING in the Fast Start Implementation!
  • E-mail Customizations… DONE!
    Let us tackle all of your basic Infusionsoft settings and e-mail customizations so you’re finally ready to launch campaigns.
  • Cross-Sell E-mail Templates… DONE!
    Our Sherpas will fully load these upsell opportunities for you.
  • 8 of Robin’s Best Marketing Campaigns… DONE!
    Your Sherpa will do all of the back-end work to set up your direct mail campaign, sales pipeline, online opt-in campaigns, free report lead generation campaign and webinar campaigns; ALL of these 8 proven campaigns are READY TO LAUNCH.

Ongoing, Monthly RUN-For-You Infusionsoft* (Currently in BETA)

You will get a dedicated Sherpa to run and manage your ongoing Infusionsoft automation campaigns for you.

This is for those who want to continue to do ongoing, outbound automation campaigns and continually be developing their Infusionsoft, but either don’t want to do it themselves or don’t have someone on staff to do it. Our Sherpa will take ownership of your ongoing Infusionsoft projects and run Infusionsoft for you.

You will get:

  • Your VERY OWN Technology Marketing Toolkit Sherpa
    Your Technology Marketing Toolkit Infusionsoft Sherpa will continue to build out, optimize and manage your Infusionsoft projects for you.
  • 2 Scheduled Status Update and Consulting Calls Every Month
    These consulting sessions are to recap results and plan for the next Infusionsoft projects. They will ensure that you are maximizing the value of your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform.
  • 1 New Sherpa Project Each Month
    Your Sherpa will implement a new campaign, process or workflow FOR YOU every month.
  • Your Sherpa Will Do EVERYTHING In Infusionsoft For You
    Your Sherpa will be doing all of the heavy lifting of implementation, but they will also teach you how to use your Infusionsoft as an end user. We’ll want you to be able to know how to use all of the basic features in Infusionsoft and be empowered to use it as an end user.

What this is NOT:

  • We will not follow up on leads for you. Even though your Sherpa will set up your campaigns in Infusionsoft for you, you will still need to do any “human” parts of the campaign, such as making the phone calls, following up with leads and setting appointments.
  • We will not build custom campaigns. This is the implementation of our PROVEN, results-generating campaigns. It is NOT custom-built campaigns or “start from scratch” custom builds.
  • Your Sherpa will not be your day-to-day support person. We have an entire Technology Marketing Toolkit Infusionsoft Support Team, dedicated to helping you with ALL of your day-to-day Infusionsoft questions. Your Sherpa will spend their time on your high-end projects, while you will utilize our Support Team for any normal support issues.

*Requires Fast Start or Done-For-You Implementation project

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Sherpas take care of all of the implementation for me?

A: Most of it, but there are a few things that only YOU as the business owner can do, but the time investment is minimal:

  • Let us know user info and verify with us basic default settings.
  • Watch an introductory training video on Infusionsoft “Lay of the Land.”
  • Do a few quick e-mail settings.
  • Provide us with your list for us to import.
  • Attend 3-4 training and onboarding sessions with your Sherpa where he/she will collect key information from you and teach you the basics you will need to operate your system after the launch.

Q: How is this different from what you typically get with Robin’s Infusionsoft For MSPs?

A: While we fully build out all of our clients’ Infusionsoft applications complete with Robinized campaigns, MSP-specific settings, full workflows and more, there is still setup and customization that our clients need to do. With our Infusionsoft Launch-For-You program, we will be the “hands” that do this customization for you, based on what you need and want.

Q: What if I have already had Infusionsoft for a while and have already done some of the work in the implementation projects?

A: We’ll clean it up and review it for you! Even if you started setting up your Infusionsoft or did a few of the implementation tasks, the Fast Start or Done-For-You Implementation is still for you. It’s possible that you may have set it up incorrectly or not quite fully, and our Sherpas will do a review of what you’ve currently done and fix anything that needs it. As you know, cleaning up messes often takes MORE time than starting from scratch, so your Sherpa will take the time to clean up and fix anything that needs it in your Infusionsoft implementation.

Q: How long, realistically, before I can start sending campaigns?

A: It really depends on you. If you are quick to respond and provide the few things we need to move forward, you’ll likely be ready to launch your first campaign in a matter of a few days.