Frequently Asked Questions

C-R-M stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a software that allows a business to store information on its clients and prospects for the purposes of “managing” the relationship. Early CRM systems like ACT! or Goldmine were database programs that allowed companies to store notes, files and information on customers and communications, and organize their list into intelligent groups for marketing purposes. As CRM systems evolved, they became more sophisticated by allowing e-mail broadcasts and fax broadcasts, and incorporating other online tools for social media.

Marketing automation systems are the next generation of CRM, providing more sophisticated list segmentation, tracking and reports as well as the ability to implement sophisticated “if-then” logic in campaigns. For example, we can build campaigns that trigger once a lead opts in on your website or a person registers for a webinar. Such campaigns can automatically send e-mails, set up tasks for your sales team to call or your marketing team to mail information, and provide reporting on the entire process. Other campaigns can trigger appointments to be scheduled automatically by your client or prospect, and then continue to send e-mails or send your sales team alerts if the client or prospect does NOT take that action. It can also remove people from campaigns once they’ve completed an action you’re driving them to do, such as registering for a seminar, downloading a free report or scheduling a consultation.

Our MAP program is a combination of CRM and marketing automation, AND the actual campaign blueprints pre-built, pre-written and ready to go for an MSP that wants to get more clients and sell more to the clients they already have.

If you want to communicate INTELLIGENTLY with clients and prospects WITHOUT massive manual labor, making sure they are getting appropriate communications based on their actions and preferences, you need a marketing automation software, not just a CRM.

Keap is a marketing automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform. Previously known as Infusionsoft, it underwent a rebranding in 2019. Keap is designed to assist small businesses in managing their sales, marketing, and customer data within a centralized system. MAP, built on Keap, comes preloaded with TMT templates, reports, forms, and campaigns. TMT has won multiple awards in its partnership with Keap and was honored as the Keap Partner of the Year for the 3rd time in 2023.

Keap is the system WE use at Technology Marketing Toolkit. We have used and investigated dozens of CRM systems and marketing automation platforms and chose Keap simply because it offered the most robust features at the best price.

No! The Keap license actually costs less when purchased through our Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) than if you purchased it directly. Because we are Keap’s #1 Producing Partner, we have been able to secure a discounted rate unavailable anywhere else. Additionally, customers that purchase directly from Keap are required to sign a one-year contract. Our program remains month to month.

Additionally, if you’re an MSP or IT services firm that wants to implement the Toolkit, enrolling through us ensures you’ll get Robin Recommended campaigns and support that you cannot get anywhere else. Here is what Keap has to say about our program saving you time and money:

“An MSP’s success is enhanced when they are connected to the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit. We have seen Robin’s MAP save clients thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, drastically reducing the time it takes to see real results. When we are contacted by a prospective client who is in the IT services industry, we recommend that they connect with the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit.

If you are an IT services company and you are finally deciding to get serious about growing sales and saving time, look no further than the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit.”

Dave Vieregg
Vice President, Keap

Yes! We have many “one-man band” and smaller companies that have launched Robin’s MAP before they were doing a “TON” of marketing; and now, thanks to our “run-for-you” services, we can take a lot of the work off your plate. Our MAP program is the tool that enables you to implement more effective, organized marketing campaigns, build your list, market to existing clients more effectively and ensure leads and opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. ANY size company needs to be able to do that. Here’s what one client had to say…

“Before Robin’s MAP, our marketing was nonexistent and purely just word-of-mouth. Now that we’re using MAP, we have solid and steady drip marketing that our prospects respond to! Robin’s MAP has been so easy to implement, and my customers are giving me feedback that they love the marketing I am sending them. With MAP, I am FINALLY and actually doing marketing!”

– Pat Patterson Corporate Workflow Solutions

No. These software tools aren’t designed to be a CRM system and definitely are NOT sophisticated enough marketing automation tools to run the marketing campaigns and systems we recommend.

“Before MAP, we were using Excel spreadsheets to try and keep track of our leads, and lots of opportunities fell through the cracks. We had to stumble through, using our PSA tool to send any marketing, and there was no accountability for anything. Robin’s MAP brought it all together!

With Robin’s MAP, drip campaigns are so easy, they basically run themselves now! Every new person we meet and speak to, we can VERY EASILY add to Keap and put them in our drip marketing. We get leads from our drip marketing all the time! The fact that they built all of the campaigns for us makes it so simple to run campaigns. I can’t imagine having to do this ourselves! Everything Robin offers has awesome ROI, but her Marketing Automation Platform was THE BEST purchase!”

– Leah Freiman
IT Con

No! If you’re small and trying to grow, that’s all the MORE reason you need the MAP program we offer! Implementing Robin’s MAP for IT Services will allow you to actually get marketing organized, done and out the door.

Any new software will take a time investment to learn and set up, but once you work through our basic training and get your Keap CRM set up, the automation will save you so much time (and headache) in the future to do the marketing. Further, we offer done-for-you and run-for-you programs that will get this all done for you!

“Before Robin’s MAP, we had absolutely no marketing. Now, with Robin’s MAP, it is procedural and INTENTIONAL. I have a way to quickly segment lists and send campaigns to customers and prospects, and all of the campaign content is provided to me! Just this week, I had an old prospect respond to one of Robin’s drip campaigns that we use and request a meeting. It had been over a year since we had spoken last, which shows the power of automated campaigns. If you want to finally start marketing (or beef up your current efforts), Robin’s MAP is the way to go.”

– Brian Mangum
Owner, BrightFlow Technologies

No. List building, qualifying and cleaning IS a campaign we provide you in our MAP. If you wait, you’ll do everything with spreadsheets, which will then need to be imported into Keap CRM later. Save yourself the extra work and just start with the tools in place to save extra work later on. Further, even with a small list you need INBOUND marketing systems to handle leads coming in on your website (and that will do it PROPERLY), referral tracking, follow-up drip marketing campaigns and client campaigns.

Not a problem! We have a simple process established with Keap to transfer ownership of the app to us so we can publish the Marketing Automation Platform into your application and provide support. You then pay us the monthly instead of Keap. We will facilitate the entire transfer process.

No. The campaigns we have developed and will continue to develop are exclusive to this program and will not be offered anywhere else.

We currently have 55+ built out, and they range from $49 to $199, depending on the complexity of the campaign and your membership level. It’s a one time investment in the campaign workflow, and you can reuse it as many times as you want. NOTE: Only those at Implementer level and above can get these campaigns. Builders need to upgrade if they want to add campaigns.

No, but you can EASILY add that if you want that functionality, as well as other tools, such as an online calendar that integrates with your Outlook to allow prospects and clients to self-book appointments. We don’t offer these tools standard because not everyone needs or wants those features. Keap has an open API, so it can integrate with MANY third-party add-ons, such as a dialer. We have a list of recommended add-ons if you choose to build out your Keap CRM.

There is a 12-month minimum commitment.

Of course, just like you could buy all the parts to a car and build it yourself. But if that’s not a hobby and you are only going to do it once, why wouldn’t you save yourself an enormous amount of time and money and buy a program that will get you up and running fast (give you the car)?

In the long run, that path would very likely cost you much more and soak up HOURS of time. Our team has put hundreds of hours into the development of our Marketing Automation Platform and have implemented this with close to 500 MSPs and IT services firms. It is proven and effective. Building a program similar to what we have designed would take significant time to design and strategize, and weeks or months to build, and the fine-tuning to test and prove the system is an ongoing endeavor.

Learning to use a tool like Keap will have a natural learning curve. However, the learning curve for setting up the tool and building the campaigns yourself is notoriously steep! We have all heard the term “Confusionsoft” – the vast majority of the time that nickname is used by companies that started with a blank application and no personal coaching or templates and attempted to design and build it from the “ground up.” Robin’s Marketing Automation Platform is designed specifically for IT services companies and will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the long run.

Technology Marketing Toolkit’s MAP replaces those tools! You don’t have to use MailChimp or another e-mail tool anymore because all your e-mail broadcasts can now be sent through Keap, which will track those campaigns in each client or prospect record.

Further, you’ll get the same (or better) reporting on open rates, clicks and deliverability. Keap also has a very simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create e-mails to broadcast, and we give you a series of preloaded templates you can use. This allows you to keep your lists, reports, marketing campaigns and notes all in one place, and tied to each contacts record.

We customize each client’s MAP to their specific situation, budget and needs; therefore it’s best to schedule a call with one of our MAP Consultants who can answer questions and build your program for you.

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