Get More Leads And Sales With Less Time And Effort With MAP 2.0

It’s Here! MAP 2.0 Makes Its Debut

You may or may not have heard about our little secret project that we have been furiously and meticulously working on in the background. Drumroll, please… We have COMPLETELY revamped the MAP Keap platform into MAP 2.0!

The MAP Keap for MSPs platform has been around for about four years, and while it is an amazing tool that helped hundreds of MSPs organize and automate their marketing, we thought it was time for a rejuvenation.

MAP 2.0 will align with new “Robin-recommended” processes and be easier for our clients to use by having a more cohesive product, simplifying without compromising functionality, and by adding the standardization and automation. 

Simply put: To have automation get better results for YOU.

A Run-For-You Sherpa Is Your Fast Pass To MAP 2.0!

It’s not that you don’t WANT to upgrade to MAP 2.0; it’s that doing the transition takes TIME and EFFORT you just don’t have. Or perhaps you worry that a half-effort attempt by you could mean mistakes and errors, and you would rather just avoid that by having an expert set it up right the first time.

You Have Enough On Your Plate – Let A Sherpa Do The Upgrade To MAP 2.0 FOR YOU!

Enroll in our Run-For-You Sherpa program, and you will get…



Add The Opportunity Generator Package For Quick Leads!


What’s The Big Deal With MAP 2.0?


MAP Classic

MAP 2.0

Keap Licensing With NO ANNUAL CONTRACT

Robin’s Campaigns Fully Built And Automated

Campaign Reporting Dashboard

Campaign Blueprints

Ongoing Automation Trainings And Advice From Our Team

Easy-To-Follow Video Guides And Training INCLUDED

A Single-Tool PlusThis Account

NEW Campaigns And Automations Built As They Are Released

Opportunities Module INCLUDED (Savings of $59/month)

Sales Pipeline With Improved Reporting And Forecasting

Text Message Marketing And Reminders

Integrated Social Media Marketing

“Modular” Campaigns That Enable You To Swiftly Swap Out Offers And Lead Magnets

One License Of Advanced AppointmentCore INCLUDED (Savings of $29+/month)

Technology Business Review Campaign To Accommodate All Frequencies Of Client Upsell Meetings

Improved E-mail Deliverability And E-mail Management

More User-Friendly With Simplified Tag Names

ONE Campaign To Manage ALL Leads – See In ONE SPOT All Of The Action Items You Have

Refreshed Person Types That Match Robin’s New Classifications And Automated Marketing Specific To Each

AUTOMATED Drip Marketing List Management

Lead And Conversion Source Tracking To See ROI From Specific Campaigns

Sync Tool Trigger Automation

Cleaner Campaign Builder To Launch Campaigns Easier

Fewer (But More Powerful) Widgets And Forms

Same Fabulous And Unlimited Support From Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

There is an initial project fee of $3,500 (WAIVED if you are in our Run-For-You Sherpa program) that covers us building all of the new 2.0 campaigns for you, the addition and configuration of the Keap Opportunities Module, a license for the expanded-feature AppointmentCore scheduler, on-demand transition guides and Help Desk support, PLUS a FULL Day of live, virtual, workshop-style training to get you fully comfortable and launched in the 2.0 campaigns.


The monthly pricing of MAP 2.0 will be exactly the same as our current MAP pricing. In fact, it is likely that you will save money because an AppointmentCore “Advanced” license will be INCLUDED! If you are one of our Legacy clients, we recognize and appreciate how long you have been part of our MAP family – we will offer you personalized custom pricing on MAP 2.0, minimizing the increase to your subscription. Please stop by the Team Robin table for details.


Your Sherpa will do the entire transition FOR YOU. Of course, your Sherpa will have questions for you along the way and will make sure you are fully aware of all the changes and upgrades, but your Sherpa will do ALL the heavy lifting for you to get you moved to MAP 2.0.

It will take a Sherpa about three months to get you fully moved over to the new platform. There are a LOT of backend improvements, all new campaigns to launch, old campaigns to switch to 2.0 ones (and correctly “retiring” the old ones so they don’t screw with your new ones), reporting to build, your new Advanced AppointmentCore to configure, plus all of the 1:1 training you will be getting from your Sherpa along the way.

Yes! Just because we’re upgrading your backend doesn’t mean marketing should stop. All your marketing in MAP Classic will continue until we make the switch on individual campaigns to MAP 2.0.

The Run-For-You Sherpa will take care of making any changes to your custom campaigns to ensure that they run seamlessly in MAP 2.0. If you do not have a Run-For-You Sherpa, you will need to adjust the campaigns but can get questions answered from our Help Desk.

Nope! We aren’t forcing this upgrade on anyone, but with all the advancements, added features, improvements and more, we don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to! If you have concerns about upgrading, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We’re here to make sure it is a fun and easy experience for you to move to MAP 2.0.

Not at all! The campaigns in MAP Classic are still the same, wonderful, sales-generating automated campaigns that will continue to work. Think about when you buy a new car. It has all of the latest and greatest features of its time when you drive it off the lot. But over a few years, manufacturers develop new technologies and features that are built into newer models. Your three-year-old car still works great! But to get the newest features, you will want to upgrade to the most recent model.

Although we will continue to provide the same support for MAP Classic, we will NOT be building any more new campaigns in the old MAP. Any new campaigns that Robin designs will only be in MAP 2.0. We will also only be building new connections and integrations that work with MAP 2.0.

Come see us at the Team Robin table or go to Note that we are limited by bandwidth for our Run-For-You Sherpa upgrades, so if you want a Sherpa to do your transition for you, enroll NOW!

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